Experience tells us technique is key in unlocking potential. We passionately champion high quality and consistent roasting methods. Our goal is to enable our customers to deliver the best coffee experience.

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With a proven track record in product and brand development, Findlater & Co are adept in working in partnership with our customers to create your bespoke coffee blend and brand.

Our Master Roaster and Q Grader will work with your team to develop a locally roasted blend that is tailored to your sensory requirements. Our blends are in keeping with the latest market trends and are designed to the commercial realities of providing consistency when performing in a high volume environment, giving your offer a competitive edge.

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Warbler & Wren

Warbler & Wren traditionally roast coffee with the objective of protecting the integrity of the coffee bean. The story of Warbler & Wren derives from two special bird species known for protecting the integrity of coffee berries.
It’s first blend, Little Bird, Warbler & Wren launched in 2017. The roast profile and balance of Columbian, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees starts with a hint of lemon acidity and both chocolate and fruited sugar notes.
We plan to use use our expertise to develop further coffee blends with the optimum balance of acidity, body and flavour to cater for all tastes.

Robert Roberts

True masters of our craft, Robert Roberts have been selecting, roasting and blending coffee in Dublin since 1905. Originating from cafes in Suffolk St and Grafton St where icons like Maud Gonne were regulars. Our coffee is slowly roasted to unlock it’s delicate aromas and full flavours ensuring a perfect cup every time.


Findlater & Co. are proud partners with Lavazza in Ireland. Lavazza is a fourth generation family run business, with over 120 years of dedication and passion it has become the espresso quality reference point in the world. Lavazza is synonymous with excellent Italian espresso in over 90 countries. It is the no 1 coffee brand in Italy and has over 17bn cups of coffee drank worldwide very year. The power of the Lavazza brand is recognised the world over. Findlater & Co are the authorised distributer of Lavazza in Ireland. To find out how you can serve Lavazza in your premises contact us.

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Findlater & Co offer a full support package from one-to-one barista training to equipment and advice.

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