While it’s unlikely that we’ll see the death of the lust for Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc in our generation it is inspiring to see how successful varieties that are off the beaten track such as Godello and Assyrtiko can be. It’s certain Irish consumers like the comfort of a brand (be that a producer, region or variety) but it is also certain that we are an adventurous nation willing to try new things particularly when offered by the glass.


Chilled reds

Light bright reds such as Beaujolais and Cabernet Franc are on trend at the moment, there can be great refreshment delivered from these crisp styles and dropping their temperature enhances this freshness and focus.

Low & No Alcohol

Just as there is a trend toward lower alcohol session beers there is also a trend toward low & no alcohol wines with many consumers paying more attention to recommended alcohol unit intake. This brings an opportunity for naturally low alcohol wines such as Riesling or Prosecco but it also gives opportunity to de-alcoholised wines. As technology improves and develops it is remarkable to see the great quality strides taken in the non-alcoholic drinks category.


Tied to no and low alcohol drinks is premiumisation with a definite trend toward drinking less but better. The Coravin is a brilliant invention to allow you to have a great glass of wine without spoilage but half bottles can also help in this scenario.


Whether organic wines are healthier than conventional wines is up for debate but consumers are certainly more concerned than ever before about what they are putting in their bodies – a winemaking philosophy that eschews herbicides and pesticides is certainly beneficial here.

Portfolio Manager