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Sea Dog

This rich, dark, fine Old Jamaica Rum, produced from the finest sugar cane, captures the spirit of adventure associated with sailors and the sea. Sea Dog is Ireland’s number 1 Dark Rum.

La Fee, Absinthe

The green fairy from France and the Czech Republic, absinthe is famously (or infamously!) connected with the bohemian movement in Paris where its supposed hallucinogenic properties was an influence for artists and writers such as Van Gogh and Baudelaire. Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic spirit derived from herbs and the fundamental ingredient: grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium).

Torres, Penedes

While Torres are certainly most famous for their exceptional wines, there are parts of the world in which they are more renowned for their excellent brandies.

Frapin, Cognac

Frapin is family owned – Geneviève Frapin and her husband Max Cointreau run it to this day. Their estate comprises 300 hectares, all of which is in the Grande Champagne district. Frapin produces Cognacs in the ‘pale and dry’ style. The access to this superb raw material allows Frapin to produce Cognacs of the highest quality. The youngest wines in the Frapin XO are 35 years old, and 45 years old in the Exta Reserve Patrimoniale.

Bumbu Rum, Barbados

Bumbu is an exquisite, all-natural craft rum blended with native Caribbean spices & ingredients. Crafted by hand in Barbados and aged for up to 15 years.

Kah Tequila

The Day of the Dead is a carnival in Mexico which involves the iconic images of people painting their faces and dressing as skeletons. These handmade bottles of Tequila continue this artistic tradition of skull painting. The tequilas themselves come in both white styles and aged all derived from 100% blue agave.

Bayou Rum

Bayou is a craft rum from Louisiana in the southern states of the USA. Rich flavoursome rums aged slowly in American oak to bring spice and sweetness – these are spirits that are delicious neat or as part of a cocktail.


Stolichnaya is Russian vodka made of wheat and rye grain. It is tripled distilled and filtered four times to create classically styled exceptionally smooth vodka. Stoli is truly innovative vodka, it was the first vodka to make a martini in 1934, the first vodka to develop flavoured vodka in 1962 and the first vodka to travel into space in 1975.

Williams & Humbert, Jerez

Botanic is a unique premium gin, distilled in the United Kingdom with the finishing touches provided in the Bodegas of Williams & Humbert, in Jerez, Spain. Distillation takes place in the UK in stills of more than one hundred years old. The secret of our London Dry Gin lies in the purity of the alcohol, obtained from the selection during distillation of the finest and most uniform part, the heart. In the second phase it is formulated in the winery to provide its definitive personality, adding a series of botanicals originating in Spain, including Buddha’s hand, bergamot, sweet orange and almond shells. Buddha’s hand, originates from North-East India or China, is a variety of citrus with fruits that are fragmented in sections that look like fingers. The distinctive square bottle creates impact on shelf and reflects the truly original taste of the brand.


The Glendalough Distillery was set up by five friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a deep passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. In the 18th & 19th centuries there were over 200 licensed distilleries in Ireland who produced diverse styles of poitín, whiskey, gin and even absinthe. Until recently that dropped to a small handful. Glendalough Distillery is now part of a revival of this heritage. They make innovative spirits while staying true to the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. Initially started with the first ever spirit, poitín and now whiskey and seasonal, wild botanical gins. At the San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2015, the Double Barrel was awarded Gold medal as the “Best Irish Whiskey Under 7 Years Old”, the 13 Year Old won a double Gold as the “Best Irish Whiskey” and the 7 Year Old was awarded a Master at the Global Spirits Masters 2015.


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