For me, this is arguably the greatest wine innovation since refrigeration. There are so many reasons to use the Coravin…While I was studying it was my best friend saving me a fortune while I tasted the same bottles over and over looking for how they differed from their peers. Now I use it to have a single great glass of wine on a “school” night guilt-free, I then tend to finish the bottle over the weekend with some good food and often cook my weekend meals based around the nice wines I have “opened”. I also love the ability to check in on wines that I have laid down to keep. I think it’s genuinely fascinating to see how wines I have bought from “holding” vintages, like 2010 Bordeaux for example, evolve over shorter periods – many estates are making wines that are more accessible than they ever were before and now even monstrously structured vintages can quite often be enjoyed in a youthful place.


Despite all the benefits at home I think the Coravin is at its best in the restaurant setting. It is a brilliant thing to be able to have one great glass with a meal if taking it easy or to taste a variety of well paired wines with each course over a tasting menu. Many consumers are seeking experiences to remember and savour when they go out for a meal and having a glass of a single iconic wine can really enhance the overall experience without meaning they have to splash out on an entire bottle.

Portfolio Manager