The history of MASI is the history of its vineyards: its name derives from “Vaio dei MASI”, meaning “little valley of the MASI” in the valley of the Negrar (in the Valpolicella classico zone), which was the first vineyard acquired by the Boscaini family, owners of MASI, at the end of the 18th century. MASI produces premium wines which are modern in style but rooted in tradition, using mainly grapes indigenous to the Veneto and utilising age-old techniques such as ‘appassimento’. Sandro Boscaini is the sixth generation of the family running MASI. He is regarded as the de facto authority on winemaking in the Veneto due to his decades of visionary innovation, experimentation and development in the field. This resulted in the first ‘Ripasso’ wine, Campofiorin, as well as adapting similar techniques to create other unique wines like Masianco and the rest of the ‘Super Venetian’ family for which MASI is internationally famous.