As one of the last family houses in Champagne, this allows for the quality and style that offers wine lovers something different and unique. Bollinger Special CuvĂ©e is a blend composed mostly of reserve wines and 60% Pinot Noir, yielding a precise combination of balance and body. Quality is maintained thanks to a precious collection of reserve wines from the Grand and Premier Cru vineyards, matured slowly in magnums for between five and ten years. Jacques Bollinger, head of the Champagne house from 1918, married Elizabeth Law de Lauriston Boubers who went by the name of Lily. It was Lily who took the reins when Jacques died, in 1941. She directed operations in both vineyard and winery, and everything from harvest and selection through to fermentation and blending. It is perhaps not surprising that much of Bollinger’s success today is traced back to her exacting methods.